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This platform is a little different from the other options that we present, since in addition to presenting diverse free options it offers a safe place for players to sell, buy and exchange games, objects and skins with other people.

Other platforms such as Steam, PlayStation 4 and GOG are fully compatible, which gives more possibilities to users who also decide to use Kinguin. The interesting thing about this Kinguin site is that you can have your money or the product back within 30 days, when you decide to buy a game and something does not turn out well.

In Kinguin we can find a great diversity of genres. In fact, this section is about one of its main ones, with more than 40 categories; where in each of them you can find different games for free download.

Likewise, in Kinguin we can find another interesting section to find both free games and paid games, with the name of “platform”.

If you want to have last minute information about the world of video games, Kinguin, no doubt, too, is a good option. It is true that it is not as complete in this sense, as other websites dedicated to these issues; nevertheless, it has the necessary information to know what is happening nowadays.

It should be noted that the Kinguin site is entirely in English; although this will not affect if you want to browse the website; since it has a very simple interface that will allow us to access any part of the page.

The only disadvantage we found Kinguin is that if we compare the amount of paid games and free games; the first has an advantage over the second; since, in fact, they count on the last titles that have left to the market (an example of it are the annual versions of FIFA, among other titles).

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