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The Humble Bundle is one of the most interesting options on our list. We say this because part of the benefits of the games sold go to charities; In addition to that we can also find a section for downloading games completely free.

In addition to being a normal store, the site has game packages with very low prices and a subscription plan that guarantees more quality games monthly.

It is a good option if you are not completely sure if you want to buy a game or download one without paying absolutely nothing; since, in reality, the games in which you have to disburse a certain amount of money really are good titles.

One of the disadvantages is that Humble Bundle does not have a special news or information section; so many times we can have doubts about the advisability of a title. What would be a plus in case the website decides to implement it. Despite this, we can not say that Humble Bundle is a bad website for downloading video games; on the contrary, especially if we take into account that it is a site that donates its profits to different charities.
If you want to download a free game or buy a new title; in both cases you must open an account on the website; Opening the account is completely free; although you also have the option to subscribe per month or annually; in which case you can have access to various payment games.

The above can be a bit annoying if all you wanted was a place where, in a couple of minutes, you could have a new title on your device; however, the registration will not take you too long. So, in summary, Humble Bundle is a recommended website.

There are better web sites, although it’s never a bad idea to take a look.


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