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The GOG is a website made initially to offer older PC games in a simpler way to players, since many titles were not available digitally when this website was born.

In recent years, the store has grown and has a long list of games of all types and times, and also offers discounts, promotions and free games frequently.

In fact, its free games section is one of the most important within the page, and can easily rival any other website dedicated to downloading free games.

One of its main advantages is that it is a website with a fairly simple interface; so it will not be necessary for you to master English in order to navigate correctly through it. Although knowing a little more English is not a bad idea; especially if you want to understand more about the particularities of each of the games in which you are interested.

On their main page they have different lists and classifications, for example, on the right, we will have the opportunity to watch the 25 most popular video games; or, the newest ones, as well as the best sellers (in the case of the payment section), among others. Likewise, if what you are looking for is a theme in space, you can easily do it in GOG.

To make matters worse, it is a site where you can continuously find recent information about launches, franchises or premieres that will be made in the future, among other news.
Although it is not one of the most popular sites to download free games; if it is a site with a proven experience and with years offering an optimal service to all its visitors. In summary, a highly recommended website.

If you are looking for downloading games for free or buying the latest games on the market, GOG will never be a bad option.

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