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Game Jolt, is a site quite similar to those we have discussed previously. The biggest difference we can find in your platform are games with a higher graphic quality.
Here developers can also publish their own games, and, in general, users download for free. So, if you are a passionate gamer; or, a game developer (or you want to start in this art), Game Jolt is one of the best websites you can find, since it will add excellent exposure to your projects.

As in most of the sites of free downloads of video games; You have to make a previous registration, which is also completely free.

Once we enter your home page, we can find a classification with 9 categories, which are:

Horror, Action, Adventure, Fangame, RPG, Mutiplayer, Platformer, Survival and Retro. In fact, if you are a lover of retro games, Game Jolt is an excellent option in this regard; since it is in this section that we will find the most free download games, and despite what you might think at first, it is really excellent games with the best grades; which will undoubtedly be a delight for any player who prefers creations with pixels and 8-bit music.

In addition, some of the titles that we can find in Game Jolt for free, should not even be downloaded; since you can play them online (which will save you one or the other problem if you no longer have enough space on your computer, or if you want to try the game before you get it). As for the paid versions, some have demos; so many of them can also be tested before you decide to get the game.

If you are a lover of games and news from the gamer world, keep this website in your favorites list.

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