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The Free Game Empire is a very interesting site, since you do not have to download the available games if you do not want to, although it is recommended. Almost everything can be executed directly in your browser, which is a good way to test the titles you find here. But, if what you want is to download directly to your computer, you can do it without any problem.
As well as Free Games Downloads, most of the games are very old, but they are also free. In fact, it has a section dedicated exclusively to titles designed through MS-DOS. That is to say, practically the first video games that appeared for computer equipment some decades ago.
Therefore, if you are a lover of games with an old look, pixels and old music, then you can not stop trying Free Game Empire.

The disadvantages are the fact that your homepage looks a bit sloppy; or rather, outdated, but I think this goes very well with the site’s own theme; since it gives a unique “retro” aspect that is practically impossible to imitate if you want to do with the tools of today. In addition, it will be difficult to find recent games, keeping in mind that the more recent the game is, the more likely we are talking about a title expressly designed to sell in the contemporary market.
One of the best sections of Free Game Empires and through which you can easily guide you is on the main page, and is called “Top Rated Games”; where you can access the specific pages and download the 50 most downloaded games of all time since this website is running.
In summary, it is an excellent website where you will find a great diversity and number of games. Highly recommended.

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