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All sites 2018-09-27
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Free Game Downloads is a much older site that also has classic games so you can download at will. As you can read, its name says it all. The great advantage is that practically all your library can be downloaded for free; the disadvantage is that, as expected, it is much more complicated to find the newest games; However, if you’re looking to rediscover a good game from the past or have almost unlimited access to endless free games, it’s likely that Free Game Downloads is the best website we can find on the internet.

It is clear that some of the older games may need some extra configuration to work in modern operating systems; but this does not remove the fact that it is one of the best sites now, and that it has remained in force for many years (not for nothing his domain name is so, shall we say, direct).

At first, the site’s interface may seem too simple; what can make some gamers move away; but if you look good, surely you will find more than one interesting game and from which, you can even end up in love.

Any gamer will be surprised at how many games you will find on this site. In addition, it has classification in sections according to themes; or, according to the popularity of the games. In fact, it has a Top 10 section in which we can meet new games from time to time.

Our recommendation in this regard is that you browse for a period of time freely through the website. It may not be as popular as other sites, but it is number one when we talk exclusively about free games to download; in fact, it does not have any purchase section. A recommended website.

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